humidification quantity calculation formula:M=P×Vn×(d2-d1)×n   
           ① M-  needed humidification quantity of  workshop (㎏/h). 
           ② P-  The proportion of  dry air  is 1.19㎏/m³ .         
           ③ Vn- The new air that into the workshop or number of air change per hour in workshop *  workshop area.(m³/h)
                      Not sealed  workshop is 3 times of the volume.        
           ④ d2- The absolute humidification in workshop.
                      It means ××kg moisture per kg dry air  (㎏/㎏).
                      For example, reach 60%  relative humidity all over the year, check the psychrometric chart,come to d2=0.0126㎏/㎏
           ⑤ d1-Absolute humidity of outdoor (㎏/㎏). For example,6℃ is coldest in Huizhou area,
                     relative humidity is 18%,check the psychrometric chart,come to d1=0.001㎏/㎏
           ⑥ n-safety factor,  it is related to the number of equipment and staff in workshop.Normally n=1.3


The needed humidification quantity accordingly :M=1.19㎏/m3×6000m3/h×(0.0126㎏/㎏-0.001㎏/ ㎏)×1.3=100㎏/h
So the model of humidifier is 100KG/h


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